Inform. Engage. Entertain. Communicate. Educate.

Digital content creation and strategic marketing messages.

Commercial-grade screens and industry-leading software.

Digital Signage within your business is one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways to communicate with your clients. 

Over the last ten years, Digital Signage has become an important way to communicate with clients and employees. 







Wayfinding kiosks help visitors navigate to their destination while encouraging to explore your property.

  • Promote and Advertise
  • Share Relevant Information
  • Guide Visitors


Video walls are our solution to create a “WOW” factor because they command attention in every space. They consist of multiple screens together to create large scale screens. Our software then takes your content and stitches it together to create a seamless video across your screens. 


Our turnkey Digital Signage communicates your message in a powerful and memorable way. The commercial-grade screens and intuitive software give you the capabilities to manage your screens from a central location. Our screens and content are custom for every industry.

Calling all suppliers: Submit your products to our content

library for thousands of distributors to access.

Working with Suppliers and Distributors alike since 2003, we know how important it is to get the most out of your advertising dollars. We also know how hard it is to support the distributor; while at the same time meet the product sales objectives.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to choosing business communications you need to work with a partner – not just another service provider. Our solution provides you with years of knowledge and experience when selecting your solution and we continue through your monthly uploads and content design. The software and digital displays are top-of-the-line also; commercial grade screens and software to keep you up and running no matter where you are. 

Quick Support


Reasonable Prices

Years Of Experience

Our Industries
TriggerPoint Media has worked to define best practices for individual industries.

Contact us below if you do not see your line of work.

Corporate Messaging

Electrical Distributors



Mixed Use Developments

Residential Developers


What is digital signage

You see it and use it everyday, you just might not know it. Digital signage can be digital menu boards, interactive way finding at hotels, conference centers or office buildings. It is also commercial grade screens that houses your companies evolving content; specials/promos, product information and even company information. 

In short, what your company needs to communicate we help make easier, better and more entertaining! 

Do we need our own TV's?

Nope! TPM provides the hardware, screens and anything else you need to set up your digital signage. If you already have screens, you can use those however. 

What is the upfront and/or monthly costs?

Our pricing is determined based on the number of screens you decide to utilize. The install cost is $295 and the monthly cost is based on the number of screens. 

How do we manage the digital signage content?

This is one of the best parts of our service – we manage it for you. You submit anything created in house and we make sure it is up and running. Beyond that, if you elect to not create any content we do that also. 

What does your service include?

What does it not include? Our digital signage services are full service. Everything from the site survey, hardware, screens, live TV feeds (weather, sports, flight information, news), RSS feeds and custom video/advertisements. 

How It Works

Site Survey

If needed, we conduct a site survey to guarantee your digital signage is used in the most effective ways.

Content Creation

Once we determine your screens, we develop your content, live feeds and advertisements.


Flat Rate Fees

Your fees are simple. Based on the number of screens and hardware billed monthly. No surprises.


Install and Impress

Our experienced installers will install with little to no mess. You will be impressing your customers in no time!

People love
TriggerPoint Media

Our Digital Signage with TPM is driving customer behavior and increasing sales at our branches. Our branches love it.

David L.

VP of Vendor Relations


“We have had fliers and marketing materials posted for years but the feedback on our new monitors has been tremendous. It makes it hard to miss the message and it is plug and play.”

Corey Salyards