TriggerPoint Media continues to lead year over year with strong growth in the areas of great clients, exciting product launches, industry-shifting software development, and growing market share.



401K plans will be available starting June 1, 2022, and are available for thirty (30) plus hour employees. 

Phantom Equity

Phantom Equity was designed to give every salaried employee the opportunity to learn and experience an entrepreneurial mindset and to share in the growth of the company. You do not need to be a manager to share in this pool.

3 Personal Hours Per Week

Three personal hours per week were designed to give you the freedom to take a few hours for those much-needed personal errands and/or doctor’s appointments.

Work Remote Last 2 Weeks of the Year

Working remote was created to allow our team to spend time traveling or working from home during our slower time of year. Being a strong collaborative company for our clients, this is a time of year of wrapping up as well as gear up for the next year.

Wellness Reimbursement

Wellness Reimbursement gives you the ability to lessen the load of a gym membership or personal care. This expense is a monthly reimbursement. We want our team to take care of themselves in all areas of life.

Commission Options

Additional income opportunities are available for every position.

Quarterly Bonus Plan

Whether in Sales or Operations, quarterly bonus plans are available. We work on a team mentality and reward accordingly.



  • Operations Manager with Growth Opportunity for Director of Operations
  • Technical Onboarding & Scheduling Specialist
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Agency Client Coordinator
  • Business Development Representative



TriggerPoint Media has an entrepreneurial atmosphere that has allowed me to grow professionally and there is always an opportunity to learn new technologies. Developing long-lasting relationships by asking questions is a trait I learned that will stick with me for a lifetime. Not to mention the many business relationships it’s helped me create. The health insurance is top-notch, the paid time off is generous, and the bonuses a plus.

– Christonya Hill, TPM Team Member since 2011

Three primary reasons I enjoy working for TPM…

#1 Our unparalleled innovation for delivering software services and products that allow our clients to communicate and serve their customers.

#2 Our superior support team is made up of project managers, content creators, and IT and administrative teams. 

#3 The commitment and vision of our ownership is dedicated to our client’s growth and success.

– Ray Daugherty, Team Member Since 2019

Operations Manager with Growth Opportunity for Director of Operations


The Operations Manager’s primary role is to oversee the company’s organizational activities and processes and continues to add improvement to operational practices. The main duties of this role include implementing policies and strategies to improve productivity and efficiency levels while building an enjoyable company culture.

An operations manager possesses proven leadership skills, as well as a strong ability to problem-solve, and make sound decisions that encourage corporate growth. This position is ultimately responsible for maintaining and increasing the efficiency within TriggerPoint Media.

Technical Onboarding & Scheduling Specialist


The Technical Onboarding & Scheduling Specialist’s primary role is to schedule marketing content and campaigns in accordance with client marketing initiatives and objectives. This position is focused on the execution and fulfillment of a strategic marketing planner/calendar created by TPM and or the client.

The role requires attention to detail, time management, and effective communication to create synergistic partnerships with our internal team and clients. As the Onboarding & Scheduling Specialist, you play an integral role in the initial relationship with the client to the ongoing execution of the execution of marketing campaigns which lead to the success of our clients’ marketing efforts.

Senior Account Executive


The Senior Sales Executive role is responsible for achieving sales objectives by determining the prospect’s needs, delivering compelling demos, developing proposals, closing new business, and maintaining an excellent relationship with internal and external clients. It also includes the planning, implementation, and execution of sales prospecting, campaigns, prospect qualification, and positioning TriggerPoint Media solutions with target end-users and possible joint selling with partners.

Agency Client Coordinator


The Agency Partner Client Coordinator is the primary point of contact for Agency Clients and all their marketing initiatives and objectives. This role allows for open collaboration and endless creativity as it relates to our client’s marketing efforts.

This position is focused on building strong relationships by understanding their needs, uncovering their unknown marketing needs, and providing the ultimate client success resulting in an above 95% renewal ratio. This role requires effective communication to create synergistic partnerships with our internal team and clients.

Business Development Representative


The Business Development Representative (BDR) administers and supports the selling of TPM services and capabilities. The BDR is enabling 2 – 3 Account Executives (AEs) with the planning, implementation, administration, execution of sales prospecting, campaigns, prospect qualification, and positioning of TPM solutions with target end-users.

The primary objective of the BDR position is to find and nurture leads to enable Account Executives.  This role is a creative position. Leads will come from the many sources the BDR is provided and created.  The BDR will build a relationship with these leads or nurture them to ensure they are qualified for the AEs.

A BDR is tenacious and eager to learn about digital marketing solutions and enjoys starting conversations with new people.