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The 3 Most Influential Pain Points of Your Ideal Clients and the 3 Things Builders Can Do to Effectively Overcome Them

The key to your success is how you position the products and services that you know will appeal to the current concerns, pains, and overall thought processes of your potential client. The ability to artfully translate those concerns into the solutions you provide in a way that is simple, direct, and positions your organization as a trusted authority, is critical.

Competing in a Digital World with a Fraction of the Resources

With over 51% of consumers searching on a mobile device to find products or information, it is imperative to have a digital strategy to compete long term, and this goes for the long-standing companies that we have all come to know and love. Because this number continues to be on the rise, it is projected that “more than 90% of marketers plan on investing more in video and mobile this year (2021).” 

Quick Hit: 10 Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital Signage within your business is one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways to communicate with your clients. Over the last ten years, Digital Signage has become an important way to communicate with clients and employees.

About Triggerpoint Media

A strong mixture of vision, experience, and an enterprising staff is the driving force behind TriggerPoint Media. Initially founded in 2001 as Tiger Media Group, our team pioneered the audio messaging industry until expanding into the Digital Signage industry in 2012. Since the beginning, we have been passionate about growing businesses through refined marketing efforts and understanding consumer behavior.

We have a dedicated, collaborative team that loves to find your competitive difference and create a unique, visually enticing solution. These solutions then bridge all of your departments together from IT to Marketing to Management. Once we develop a custom solution and bridge the communication gap, we deliver revenue generating content that also provides a cost reduction solution.

It is TriggerPoint Media that is the first to offer the process patented Data iQ, a real time transactional data platform that syncs the digital signage creating just the right message at the right time.

Founder & CEO

Tama Williamson

“TriggerPoint Media is not just another vendor for our clients to manage. We pride ourselves on being a true partner helping you effectively showcase your products and engage more of your customers. Our digital signage solutions are the most flexible advertising banner you can implement. TriggerPoint Media is an expert at bringing digital signage to life in all shapes and sizes, from single large format screens to dynamic multi-screen video walls, and even free standing kiosks. With attention grabbing content, we get your message front and center, at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience. We look forward to an opportunity to show you how you can immediately benefit from this easy and affordable way to increase your revenue.”