QUICK HIT: 10 Benefits of Digital Signage

July 20, 2021

Why Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is changing the way businesses communicate with their clients, visitors and employees. From college campuses to HVAC companies to retail locations, digital signage is proving to be cost-effective and efficient. 

Here are 10 reasons why businesses are adopting digital signage as their main communications tool outside of email. 

When you start developing your digital signage strategy, you should start by thinking about what you’re working to achieve with your digital signage. Does your company have video to display? Sound or no sound? Do you need an interactive map for your business? Do you need custom graphics? Do you have ad space you can sell to partners? Deciding these key components will narrow down exactly what digital signage solutions will be best for your business.

1. DYNAMIC: Digital signs are bright, modern, and dynamic. People are used to referencing screens on the go to get information.

2. LOWER COST: By replacing print communications, you can reduce ongoing printing costs.

3. REAL-TIME CONTENT UPDATES: You can show unified communications across your building, campus, or in offices across the country – all managed from a central content management system.

4. CUSTOM CONTENT: You can target what content gets delivered where, right down to the individual screen, or an area of a screen if you’re using a multi-zone layout.

5. INTERACTIVE: Integrate event calendars, dashboards, news, weather, and social feeds to keep your audience constantly informed and up to date.

6. ENHANCED EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION: Kudos and recognition on screens make people feel included, and let them know management sees them and appreciates their efforts.

7. SEASONAL CHANGES: Screens can advertise new products, services, limited-time offers, and loyalty programs.

8. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Showing queuing data on digital signs reduces perceived wait times, further adding to people’s satisfaction and improving the visitor experience.

9. TOUCHSCREEN MAPS: Interactive wayfinding, directories and info kiosks in public spaces can reduce the burden on lobby staff, allowing people to find their own way. This lets visitors browse the information they want in their own way, at their own pace.

10. REVENUE GENERATOR: Sell ad space to nearby vendors, integrating your business into the local community and adding more value for visitors, as well as turning your business signage into a profit center.

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