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The key to your success is how you position the products and services that you know will appeal to the current concerns, pains, and overall thought processes of your potential client.

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Drive Partner Sales 

TriggerPoint Media has the most integrative cross-platform solution on the market that increases product sales at the counter. Distributors are deploying Digital Signage, SMS Text Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to drive conversations with one goal in mind. Drive product sales.






Using digital signage, you can have prime time access to each customer at the

distributor’s counters or curbside pickup. It’s easy to make sure your key products

are seen. Here is how we do it.

1. Load Product Information

Once you setup your free account, you can upload product information in multiple file formats for All TPM clients to access.

2. Pick Your Counters

With your Partner Account, you can pick TPM client counters by region and apply to be shown on these displays. 

3. Choose Your Schedule

Once approved, you may choose the available schedules that fit your budget.

Choose the right plan for your team

You have options. Regardless if you have one person or a team of marketing colleagues, we have different options to give you the support you need. Review the programs and see what works best for you and your company.

Three different options for you to choose from.

Contact for pricing and detailed information.

Supplier Managed

Monthly Graphic Design

User license to Client Portal

Unlimited Content Uploads

Content Management

messaging Framework

Agency Partner

Monthly Graphic Design

User license to Client Portal

Monthly Content Playlist Buildout

Content Management

Monthly Ad reports

Messaging Framework and Strategy

Co-Branded Landing Page

Social Media Scheduling and Reporting

Partner Managed

Monthly Graphic Design

User Licence to Client Portal

Content Management 

Quarterly Content Playlist 

Messaging Framework

Quarterly Product Ad Reports 

Completed Marketing Agenda

Co-Branded Landing Page

Why Choose Us

When it comes to choosing business communications, you need to work with a partner – not just another service provider. Our solution provides you with years of knowledge and experience when selecting the best digital solutions for your business, and we continue to share our knowledge each month when you upload content and need content design. The software and digital displays are top-of-the-line; commercial grade screens and cloud-based software keep you up and running no matter where you are.

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Our Industries
TriggerPoint Media has worked to define best practices for individual industries.

Contact us below if you do not see your line of work.

Corporate Messaging

Electrical Distributors



Mixed Use Developments

Residential Developers


See below for answers to our most asked questions. If you don’t see the answers you are looking for here, please text or call us and we will be happy to chat. 

What is Digital Signage

You see it and use it every day, you just might not know it. Digital signage can be digital menu boards, interactive wayfinding at hotels, conference centers, or office buildings. It is also commercial grade screens that house your company’s evolving content; specials/promos, product information, and even company information. 

In short, what your company needs to communicate we help make easier, better and more entertaining! 

Do we need our own TV's?

Nope! TPM provides the hardware, commercial-grade screens, and anything else you need to set up your digital signage. If you already have screens, you can use those however. 

What is the upfront/monthly costs?

Our pricing is determined based on the number of screens you decide to utilize. The install cost is dependent on the needs of your space and the monthly cost is based on the number of screens.

How do we manage the digital signage content?

This is one of the best parts of our service – we manage it for you. You submit anything created in-house and we make sure it is up and running. Beyond that, if you elect to create any original content we do that too.

What does your service include?

What does it not include? Our digital signage services are full service. Everything from the site survey, hardware, screens, live TV feeds (weather, sports, flight information, news), live informational ticker, and custom video/advertisements.

People love
TriggerPoint Media

“Our Digital Signage with TPM is driving customer behavior and increasing sales at our branches. Our branches love it.”

David L.

VP of Vendor Relations


“We have had fliers and marketing materials posted for years but the feedback on our new monitors has been tremendous. It makes it hard to miss the message and it is plug and play.”

Corey Salyards