TriggerPoint Media, Inc. (TPM), Based in Austin, Texas, Acquires Digital Touch Systems (DTS) and SignJet

Austin, Texas – February 7th, 2023: TriggerPoint Media, Inc. (TPM) of Austin, Texas, is excited to announce its acquisition of Digital Touch System (DTS) and SignJet. TPM has been offering on-premises digital marketing solutions for over two decades, developing a customer base that continues to utilize their services even after twenty years, and their statistics speak for themselves. About 95% of TPM clients renew year over year; since 2019, TPM has grown at an average of 28% per year.

The acquisition of Digital Touch Systems (DTS) and SignJet, allows TPM to offer a comprehensive suite of services that will allow the company to maximize their client’s return on investment. These two additional options ensures an efficient system and customer satisfaction for Digital Signage hardware and content. SignJet gives users access to a do-it-yourself software that directly links to the users screen(s) with only a few clicks before it is displayed on digital signage screens. Digital Touch Systems offers a large selection of touch screens and video walls available for rental and sale. The wide selection of touch screens can be mounted on a wall, kiosk, table or floor stand. 

TPM plans to enhance the SignJet platform while continuing Digital Touch Systems. With its advanced metrics, integrated SignJet users and TriggerPoint Media will offer unique monetization packages for clients’ advertising partners that can be customized according to their needs. By automating these strategies, this new solution could save companies hundreds of hours and generate successful financial returns in the long run. 

TPM’s Executive Team is driven by producing solutions that will benefit its customers and enhance their visibility within their industries. According to VP of National Strategies Allison Sedlak, “Our number one objective is always to make our clients look good among their peers.” TPM currently services clients across the US, Canada, UK, and India, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

The team at TriggerPoint Media believes that business growth will remain strong if you capture the attention of your target audience. As CEO Tama Williamson states: “You must create an emotional connection with buyers no matter what product or service you are trying to market; bad graphics and content management won’t cut it.”

You must create an emotional connection with buyers no matter what product or service you are trying to market; bad graphics and content management won’t cut it.

– CEO and Founder, Tama Williamson


With offices in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Raleigh, North Carolina, TPM looks forward to continuing its mission of helping clients reach their full potential through advanced digital marketing solutions.

TPM currently serves customers across the US, Canada, UK, and India ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies with up to 800 locations worldwide.

TriggerPoint Media’s team is dedicated to ensuring clients always look good among their peers. With this in mind, the company looks forward to providing innovative solutions that will enrich advertising and promotional campaigns for its customers.

TriggerPoint Media, Inc. is excited to offer these new products and services tailored to each client’s needs and looks forward to growing its network over the upcoming years. The TriggerPoint Media team believes that creating an emotional connection with buyers can make all the difference in business growth, no matter what product or service you are trying to market. And they are certainly excited about what the coming years have to offer to see the company’s long-time dream come to reality.


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