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The key to your success is how you position the products and services that you know will appeal to the current concerns, pains, and overall thought processes of your potential client.

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What is your marketing doing to keep them in the model home? Home sales have skyrocketed across the country due to mortgage rates and changing lifestyles. A home buyer wants the most for their dollar, trust in their homebuilder and a strong relationship.

The competition will always be tight in the home building industry. Creating a high-value perspective, strong relationships, and trust with your prospects is key. 

Our custom marketing strategy developed for each of our clients will enable you to build relationships, develop trust, and create high-value with your home buying prospects. 

Interactive kiosks digital signage text marketing home buyer data


Digital Signage – Use interactive kiosks within your model homes to view floor plans, alternate selections, or to view other properties. Gather contact information with interactive kiosks and digital signage.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Media has changed the home buying process forever. People view homes, interiors and imagine their dream home while scrolling their phones late at night. Make sure your product is noticed and stands out on Instagram and Facebook.

TEXT MARKETING: Everyone is a homebuyer. When a great home goes on the market or is under construction, make sure your prospective home buyers know about it right away. Go directly to the source to provide them the information they need – immediately.

HOME BUYER DATA: Develop your marketing messaging with specific information about your home buyers. Pinpoint what they are looking for and deliver that messaging with ease. Don’t turn off a buyer because they need 4-bedrooms and a study but they keep getting 2-bedroom condo information. Deliver what they are looking for with information gathered.



We get it. Your plate is already full. Our team will manage your digital strategies to make sure not a detail or opportunity is missed. 


All media players are supplied for easy remote access. Commercial-grade screens are used for digital signage to ensure durability and longevity. 


Access to content, graphic design, and vendor content. You won’t miss a beat with our client portal. Easily access and deploy marketing messaging from one computer.

Digital signage

Showcase your product with custom digital signage throughout your model homes. Digital Signage enables you to showcase other properties, styles, and designs from one location. Don’t lose a sale because they didn’t know the options. 

Break ground on your custom digital marketing strategy in two weeks. 

Worried you have too many properties? Not a problem. We deployed 160+ screens throughout 40 model homes in less than 45 days. Talk about efficiency. Schedule a time below to get the ball rolling. 

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Text Message Marketing

Make sure your message is heard with effective and immediate text messages – straight to your customer’s phone.

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The key to your success is how you position the products and services that you know will appeal to the current concerns, pains, and overall thought processes of your potential client. The ability to artfully translate those concerns into the solutions you provide in a way that is simple, direct, and positions your organization as a trusted authority, is critical.

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