A digital medium is the most flexible and quickest format for marketing content. Not only do we host the content on commercial grade monitors, we also generate the content for you. From our cloud based system, we will create a uniquely tailored run schedule based on your needs. Once created, we manage the content from there. Imagine multiple zones, tickers scrolling with information, captivating graphics, and spotlight videos. This kind of content will entertain your guests, inform them of events in the future, decrease perceived wait time, and it does not stop there. It’s not about what we have already done in your industry, it’s about what you want to see us do next.

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Digital Signage uses many different hardware components such as kiosks, flat screen TV monitors, outdoor billboards, indoor/outdoor directional signage, glass doors, menu boards and LED glass to display digital images, videos, streaming media and other graphic content. Digital Signage incorporates a mix of video, motion and still ads, scrolling tickers, news, weather and sports feeds and even live cam feeds to grab the viewer’s attention and communicate customized branded messaging or advertisements. The options are endless. At TriggerPoint Media we get to know your specific needs and tailor a solution that delivers the results you are looking for.

Digital Signage Services include:

  • Marketing Coordinator Support
  • Site Surveys & Signage Placement Recommendations
  • Custom Content Design
  • Content Development Schedule & Delivery
  • Hardware Installation
  • Cloud Based Remote Content Management

Cloud based portal

Our cloud-based portal allows for fast and efficient information sharing, through a secure connection, between your team and your dedicated TriggerPoint Media Client Coordinator. With our cloud-based portal, no matter where you are or how many locations you have, you experience an efficiency not available with other digital signage companies still doing things the old-fashioned way with emails, zip-files, and voicemails (although we are always available to you through these methods too). Your personalized portal will streamline the sharing of content and information, as well as minimize the possibility of errors.

Content creation

As a marketer or business owner, you know dynamic digital signage content attracts, engages, and delights both your prospects and your customers. It brings new visitors into your store, and ultimately, generates additional revenue for your company. Our team of creative graphic designers collaborate with your team to create custom content specifically for you. Whether it’s still graphics, motion graphics, videos, RSS feeds, or other possible content, our team works with you to develop content and run schedules that will appeal to your buyers’ persona.

Digital Business Solutions

While we are helping you with your digital signage, let us help you make sure your digital presence online is strong. SEO, Wifi Marketing, Email Marketing and make sure your company can be found across multiple business directories online.

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